The Acoustic Trio Project Photo Shoot

Sorry that it's been a while since I blogged.  I spend part of my time as a producer and engineer in a small recording studio, and it's been busy lately.  I love the creative process, and I believe that if you're an artist, then art envelops every aspect of your life.  Just like with photographs, the best, most creative songs tend to take on a life of their own, and become so much more than the artist ever envisioned in the first place.  It's inspiring.

That also means I get to do a lot of photography for album art.  It's a challenge to be able to capture the personality and character of the band, as well as the concept of the album in just a few frames.  I like to tell stories with my photographs, and that's easier when you have a lots of images in a slideshow or album.  It's more difficult in a single image.

I've worked with the band Never Forgotten for a long time now, and we've done quite a few album projects together.  They are currently working on yet another, and it's turning out to be a great project, but right in the middle of it, Jordan Heersink, founding member and primary songwriter, decided to do a "quick little side project." 

Jordan has been working on an album of traditional hymns on solo piano for a while, but decided to step it up a little by adding two other members of the band.  Adam Marengo plays acoustic guitar on most tracks, and Ari Carney adds vocals.  They are calling it The Acoustic Trio Hymn project, and plan to do a tour to promote the album when it's finished.

With just piano, guitar and vocals on most tracks, it has the feel of almost being recorded live, so that's the direction I went at first photographically.  I created a set to look and feel like a live concert stage.  I think this first shot will be the album cover.

We also needed a good publicity shot for posters and promos to send out, so I wanted to keep the live feel, but show the individual members more clearly.

Then we decided to head outside for a few fun "just in case" shots with a completely different feel.

Not that it's likely to ever be used, but I decided to get a little nostalgic and make an album cover that has the feel of an old 70s era vinyl LP record album cover.

It was a fun shoot.  I'll post a link to the album when it's done and up on iTunes.