A shoot with Blue Cat Groove

It's always a good idea to have a "plan B" when you schedule an outdoor event.  As a photographer, you quickly learn that it's also a good idea to have a "plan C, D, and E" too.   Then when none of those work out, you need to be ready to improvise on the fly.

Blue Cat Groove was scheduled to show up at 9 a.m. Saturday morning for a shoot.  They are working on another album, and they wanted updated pictures for the cover artwork and promo materials.  I knew it was likely to rain, so I had scouted a couple of indoor alternatives just in case.

I try not to over think things too much, but I do spend a little time mentally planning what I think will be at least a starting point and direction for a shoot to take.  It was indeed raining out, so I prepped a room that had a piano in it, and even though it wasn't my ideal location, I knew I could get something there.  

We spent a little time working that space.  I experimented with light set ups, and a few posing options, and the pics were ok, but I wasn't excited.  I kept looking out the window at the light rain coming down, and finally thought "what the heck."  It really wasn't raining very hard at all, and Canon says my 5D mark ii is suppose to be "weather sealed."  

I usually haul around a lot of gear on location shoots, and I like to use off camera fill flash for nearly everything I shoot, but I just grabbed one camera with my 24-70 mm lens on it, and headed out into the drizzle.  Kim had a big umbrella, so we went out and played in the rain.  Here are a few of my favorites.  If you look close, you can ever see the rain falling.